1When’s the best time to arrive ?
Early bird ticket holders should enter gate before 7 P.M. Others are advisable to come earlier to enjoy our entertainment hub, fill your tummy before the rave starts and mingle with fellow invaders.
2What will I see inside the festival ?
Apart from your favourite acts, There will be food & drinks, merchandises and interesting activities inside the festival!
3How can I book and reserve a sofa ?
For VVIP and Mansion sofa package reservation, please contact: +62 812 3999 8855 or Contact Our Concierge
4Will you be posting the set times in advance ?
Yes, definitely!
5Are there any prohibited items ?
Please check prohibited items under our Information tab.
6If I have to exit the venue, can I come back in ?
No re-entry allowed.
7What should we wear ?
Wear anything that you're most comfortable to wear. You’ll be dancing for hours!
8Is there any food? Or can we bring food inside ?
You can't bring food nor drinks inside the festival area. But you can indulge in one of our food stalls for yummy culinary experience.
9Where will the festival take place ?
The festival will take place at Jakarta International Expo or JIEXPO Kemayoran Hall B3 and C3 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Visit the Venue location or How to get there under our Information tab.


1What’s the difference between GA and VIP ?
All tickets will get you to enter the festival and experience the fun. VIPs will have more facilities and special treatments with its own bar, designated toilet, and other services. There will be VIP viewing areas too closer to the stage. For more info about the many awesome perks you'll get as a VIP, visit our VIP page to view the amazing perks.
2How much is the ticket ?
You can check out the latest ticket prices of the festival here. Follow our Instagram account here to receive updates on suprise ticket promotions or giveaways too.
3How can I buy the tickets ?
A limited amount of tickets for Invasion can be purchased exclusively through our official website here, or offline through our official ticket box partners. Click here to view a list of our official ticket box partners.
4Will tickets be sold at the venue ?
Yes, if they're not sold out yet. But it's always better to buy in advance.
5Can I ask someone else to exchange my ticket ?
If you appoint someone to represent your ticket exchange process, the person must bring a signed power of attorney letter and valid ID Card of purchaser.

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6If I buy the tickets at the designated official ticket boxes, will I get the physical tickets right away ?
All ticket purchases, aside from on-the-spot purchases, will receive an e-voucher that must be exchanged with a wristband on the specified venue that will be informed later on.
7What's the difference between General Admission (GA) Presale and GA Early Entry ?
GA Early Entry ticket holders must enter the venue before 7 PM Jakarta time. In a case that a GA Early Entry ticket holder fails to do so, they will have to pay the full amount of a GA Normal ticket by doing a top up at our help desk in order to attend the festival. GA Pre-sale ticket holders can enter the venue anytime.


1What should I bring to exchange my e-voucher to a wristband ?
Your e-voucher and your ID.
2What is the valid pass to enter the venue? E-voucher or wristbands ?
Your wristband. You will have to exchange your e-voucher to a wristband before you can enter the festival.
3Where and when can I exchange my e-voucher ?
Coming Soon.
4What if I do not exchange my e-voucher on the designated date ?
You can exchange your e-voucher at the festival venue at JIEXPO Kemayoran. Although we strong advise you to exchange it beforehand to avoid the queue on the day of the event.
5Can I try or wear my wristband before the event ?
Please wear your wristband on the day of the event. No refund will be given if you tampered your wristband.
6I accidentally damaged my wristband, what do I do ?
You will not be able to use the wristband to enter the festival. The only way to enter the festival is to buy another ticket. Once we give the wristband to you, it becomes your possession, it becomes your responsibility, NOT ours.
7Can I exchange my e-voucher to a wristband on the days of the festival at the venue ?
You can exchange your e-voucher at the festival venue at JIEXPO Kemayoran.
8I'm flying in from outside of Jakarta or Indonesia and will only arrive on the day of the festival. How can I exchange my e-voucher ?
You can exchange your e-voucher at the festival venue at JIEXPO Kemayoran.
9My wristband is too tight. Will the organizer help us to loosen it ?
We simply cannot do anything if this happens. Once you have collected your wristband, the responsibility of the wristband is fully and solely yours. Including your responsibility to read the Wristband Instructions available on the wristband packaging.
10Someone else accidentally tighten my wristband and I cannot wear it anymore. Can you help ?
No. Once you have collected wristband, the responsibility of the wristband is fully and solely yours.


1I want to cover/write about Invasion. How can I get media accreditation to attend the festival ?
To acquire a media pass, please contact :
Munkee : +62818612202
Devina : +6287875495321